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10 Tips for Creating Kick-Ass Facebook Live Videos

Ever since Facebook launched Facebook Live for everyone back in April 2016, most people have been tempted to use it. Some,  have jumped the bandwagon and are creating amazing content for their followers; but there are still some users who do not dare to try this super engaging platform. “Going live” on Facebook feels special because you are going live with the people you care about.

Why use Facebook Live?
As of a couple years ago, regular Facebook updates are not enough. People are consuming videos more and more and so the game rules have changed. Facebook Live allows Pages (or profiles) to create broadcasts from a computer with a webcam or a smartphone. The reach possibilities for your page and brand are endless.

If you have not yet tried Facebook Live videos or you are looking for ways to improve your broadcasts, look no further. I got you. We have put together a list of helpful tips to help you make the most kick-ass Facebook Live videos for your followers:

  1. Promote, promote, promote: If you want people to watch your broadcast you need to make sure that they know you’ll be broadcasting. (duh! Captain Obvious.) I know that sometimes you go live for sudden reasons; but, as long as you can, make sure to include your Facebook Live broadcast on your content calendar so know in advance when you will be doing this and you can notify your followers and promote across all social networks.
    Facebook has a neat feature where it notifies users when interesting Facebook Lives are on, but you can also encourage your followers to go to your Facebook Business Page and click on the Liked button, a drop-down will pop up and they’ll be able to turn on the notifications for your page – that will include: posts and live videos.
  2. Practice & Test: There are multiple things that should be practiced and tested before going Live on Facebook.
    • make sure that your internet connection is optimal – Facebook Live videos are recommended on wifi and/or 4G connections. You can test your speed with apps such as SpeedTest. Anything above 3Mbps is great!
    • test your lighting – a place that is too dark will discourage followers
    • minimize background noise and keep an ear out for echo – you want to deliver a crisp sound
    • do a test run for yourself – you can do this by selecting Only Me on the start screen.
  3. Timing – pick the right time for your Facebook Live while considering time difference across your states/countries. Facebook Insights is another great tool to consider when deciding.
  4. Write a kickass description: a kickass Facebook Live video needs a kickass description. Remember that videos on Facebook autoplay on mute, therefore users will immediately read the description to decide whether they want to join the party or not. Make sure that your description is concise and attractive.
  5. Outline or script: in my opinion, Facebook Live videos are not meant to be uptight, however, having a set list of topics you want to cover on your video will make the process so much smoother.
  6. Engage – begin the video by welcoming those who have joined, briefing the audience on the topics or purpose of the video and encouraging the audience to interact throughout the broadcast by commenting and asking questions.
  7. Be considerate – even if there are 2, 100 or 1,600 viewers, they all deserve the same respect.
    • begin the video as planned – incorporating suggestions from tip #6 as desired. Do not wait 3 minutes to begin on your agenda because there are not enough people on.
    • if you only had 3 viewers when you started the broadcast 5 minutes ago and now 2 more have joined, do not go back and repeat everything you already covered – the other 5 deserve your respect for being early; do not lose their interest.
    • if you do not want to waste interest of those who arrived late to the party, periodically go over the topics covered and encourage them to watch the recording once it’s completed so they don’t miss out.
  8. Analyze Results: once your broadcast has come to an end, you will be able to take a look at the metrics provided. From your metrics, you will be able gauge your performance and continue to polish your Facebook Live strategy.
  9. Reply to Comments: once your broadcast has finalized, make sure to reply to all those comments that were left on your video – engaging is key!
  10. Don’t let it die, re-purpose: Facebook Live videos are evergreen – they will stay on your Page forever. Use them on your content strategy by referring to them through blog posts, other Facebook Live videos, re-sharing them on different social networks, and so on. The opportunities are endless.

Now, get your strategy together and turn on those cameras!

Still having doubts on how to get started or perfection your strategy? Relax, send us a quick note and we’ll work together to create some kickass content.