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Digital Advertising

Word on the streets says we're the best at it
Build your brand. Grow your business.

Increase your reach. Attract prospects.

As a leading digital advertising agency in Puerto Rico, we focus on how each digital platform can attract, engage, and retain the right customers for your business, always working towards our projected KPIs.

From Facebook and Instagram ads to Google, X (previously Twitter), LinkedIn, —and all those in between—we help our clients reach their desired customers on the most effective paid platforms. We cut through the chase, providing transparent recommendations for the platforms that best serve your goals.

Over the years, we’ve managed millions of dollars in digital media advertising, building our business on delivering the best results for our clients while maintaining the highest level of transparency.

OUR APPROACH: 360° Studio Process

Whether it’s a website, a digital advertising strategy or any other service, our 360° Studio Process allows us to deliver an all around project that will cover all your business needs. In short:

DISCOVERY: 1:1 to understand client needs and requirements. Proposal is sent and signed.

INCUBATION: Our team gets to work by picking your brain and collecting assets and important information.

DEVELOPMENT: Our creation process begins…

EXECUTION: Here we go… Service is launched!

OPTIMIZE: Our team is extremely diligent with the optimizations. We’ll continuously look for ways to make your campaigns stand out.

REBUILD: Once the campaign and reporting are delivered; we’ll take those learnings and rebuild anything needed within the upcoming  campaign to keep improving and maintaining KPIs

pink studios - 360 studio process
Social Media Advertising

Increase your reach on Social Media and run effective digital advertising campaigns that cut through the noise. Be disruptive. Our targeted Social Media Advertising strategies will set your brand apart.

But what is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising is muuuuch more than **boosting** a post <cringe> 😵. 


Social Media advertising is having a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is, + what their likes and interests are + what your desired goal as a business is = in order to create the perfect campaign.

Most users fail at the very basic: choosing the perfect campaign objectives mix to reach your desired results. Think about social media as a marriage and not a one-night fling. Campaigns need to be frequently optimized (think about dating), before actually obtaining the desired results (think about marriage) and that is what we are good at!

social media advertising - pinkstudios
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Improve your return on investment through results-focused PPC campaigns management.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the BEST ways to reach your audience at the exact time they are looking for someone like you. Would you like to be present there or would you rather leave the door open so only your competitor is visible? 

When users perform a search on search engines (Google, Bing, etc), they are letting us know exactly what they need at the moment they need it. This gives your business the best chance to reach your most motivated audience with the right message and the right time; therefore yielding the desired results.

Most users fail at the very basic: not being present (or clicking over and over on their ads).

Our goal is to help you reach your business goals by implementing powerful marketing strategies.

Benefits of Digital Advertising

Build Brand Awareness

Reach your ideal audience and grow familiarity with your brand for later consideration.

Boost Engagement

Captivate your audience with powerful and insightful ads that will generate interactions with your brand. (think about likes, comments, shares)

Drive Traffic

Drive users to your website to learn more about your services with specific campaigns.

Generate Leads

Drive traffic to your website and/or native forms to generate quality leads for your business.

Connect With New Customers

Expand your current customer base with strategies designed to increase your brand’s presence into a new set of eyes.

Re-Engage Customers

Use advanced targeting tactics to stay top-of-mind and encourage repeat purchases and/or desired action.