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Reporting and Dashboards

Signature custom reporting dashboards
Create. Implement. Monitor. Learn. Report. Improve.

Great planning and execution is nothing without proper insights. Performance is in our DNA. Period.


At pink studios, our custom reporting and dashboards are designed to provide you with unparalleled insights into your digital marketing performance. Our signature custom reporting dashboards allow you to create, implement, monitor, learn, report, and improve your marketing strategies effectively.


Great planning and execution mean nothing without proper insights. Performance is in our DNA, and we believe that no campaign is successful without defined KPIs and a follow-through plan that allows clear visibility. Your success is our success, and we ensure you have the tools to track it.


Tailored KPI Monitoring

We closely monitor your digital activities using a defined set of KPIs. Pink Studios adjusts to your business’s unique reporting requirements, providing custom-tailored real-time dashboards that keep you informed and in control. Transparency is also in our DNA, ensuring you always have clear visibility into our work.

Popular Reports and Dashboards
Our most popular custom reporting and dashboards include:
custom reporting and dashboards, pink studios

Lead Tracking & Analysis

Ads Performance

Social Media Dashboard

Website Analytics

Email Marketing Reports