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About Us

All the power of a big agency and the attention to detail of a small expert team

Hi, we’re pink studios — a creative digital space that thinks out of the blue.

By putting our technology background with our digital marketing knowledge into a blender, you’ve made the perfect combination/mix for the digital era.

Introducing pink studios. Make sure to say hi.

We’re a digital marketing agency that has assembled a team of all-stars. From experts in computer engineering, digital marketers, web designers, copywriters and storytellers, dog lovers, coffee snobs, and GIF enthusiasts. Our team is our secret weapon: it has all the power of a big agency and the attention to detail of a small expert team.  It’s a mighty team that works together to design, create, and produce impactful ideas.

This team is Pink. Pink means business but embraces its playful side. Pink is sweet like bubblegum. Pink is bold and innovative. Pink breaks stereotypes.

We speak español, hablamos English, and chat fluently in GIF too.

The perfect digital studio doesn’t exi—

We give purpose to your digital marketing strategy; transform campaigns from “OKAY” to  ✨”OH-WOW!””✨; and turn half-baked social media content into powerful accounts. Check our some of our most popular services:

Digital Advertising

Social Media

End to end Consulting

Email Marketing

Custom Dashboard Reports


Marii Nieves

Who’s The


Mari Nieves runs the show with a team of experts behind the scenes. As the founder of digital marketing agency in Puerto Rico: pink studios, Mari loves breaking that dumb stereotype about women in tech.
She’s a computer engineer turned web designer and morphed into a digital marketer (100% geek and a true perfectionist).

Talk about breaking stereotypes!

Mari’s passion for web design began at 10 years old when she used a desktop computer for the first time. From that moment on, she began building websites using Geocities and Angelfire and even created simple GIF animations. In 2009, Mari earned her degree in Computer Engineering from Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. After graduation, she founded Pink Studios to turn her passion into a career impacting businesses worldwide.
Recently, Mari was recognized as one of the 2024 Top Women in Media and Ad Tech.

A brief history of pink studios

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spanish & english, + speak fluently in GIF