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Top Reasons Why A Business Should Have A Website

Often, people think that having a website is more of a luxury than a necessity. Below, i explain the reasons why i believe it is a necessity.

  1. Accessible 24/7 – Websites can be accessed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. At those late night hours when you are sleeping and/or unable to assist your visitors, your website will definitely be there for them.
  2. Convenience and Exposure – Your visitors will be able to search your website from wherever they want. For some clients, searching through your website or online store is easier than actually visiting your location. The internet can expose your website to a whole new market and demographic. Why just promote your business through YellowPages, or the local newspaper or even Penny Saver (which are all targeted to your area) instead of promoting your business through a website on the Internet? By having a website, Google can act as your “Yellow Pages”, and anyone looking for you, your business, services or products will be able to find you.Website
  3. Faster Communication – Communicating a message to your clients its easier than ever! What do you do when you have a sale going on? You spend time and money creating banners and in-store advertisements to let your clients know. However, what about those clients that like 50+ miles away from you and that have only visited your store when they are around? They will miss this event… Well, if you have a website you can post your big sales online and let every single person that access your website know about them. How about if you change your business hours? … or even if you are moving locations! Having a website definitely build a stronger communication between your business (whatever it is) and your clients.
  4. Saves Money – Most people look at websites as a big or unnecessary investment. Well, if I have not convinced you yet of how necessary and important a website is. How about if i told you that; yes at the beginning there is an initial investment but afterwards you and your business will actually be saving money? Like mentioned on our “reason #3”, when you have to communicate with your clients you either send out flyers,
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  5. Measurable Results – A website allows you to track visitors, location, which links they are clicking on your website and even how long they are staying on each page. Isn’t that nice? Now, with all that information you can create new goals and improve the ones that need to be improved.

If you feel like I missed something or would like to know more information, feel free to leave a comment or email.