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The Science Of Proper Emailing. 10 Do’s & Don’ts When Sending Emails

Let’s be honest, most of our communication do not take place over the phone or in person as they used to before. Conversations take place through the Internet, period. According to a recent article from Mashable, “144.8 Billion Emails Are Sent Every Day”. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a very impressive number.

Emails are not as informal as they used to. Businesses depend on this communication method to be successful. Why shouldn’t you? However, in order to be successful at it there are some “unspoken rules” that to some are obvious but yet we see many people not following them on a daily basis.

  1. ALWAYS include a subject line. Most email messages are seen through mobile devices – mobile is a fast paced environment and time management is key. Once you get people’s attention, they probably have 2 minutes to scout through their email account and check any important unread messages. If your message does not include a subject line, the receiver will not know the importance of it. Also, after reading the email, if the person has to go back to it, it will be hard to find that specific message.
    For example, when we communicate with clients and even with friends, our subject lines go something like this:
    – An email to AART Events and Design about their About Us page will have this subject line: “About Us (aarteventsanddesign.com)”
    – An email to Melissa Dov Weddings about her Facebook Ads implementation will look like this: “Facebook Ads (melissadovweddings.com) or Melissa Dov Weddings – Facebook Ads
    Doesn’t this make your emailing much easier?
  2. Do not have different conversations under one subject line/email message. This is somewhat covered in point 1. If we are emailing about a party; let’s have separate email threads for different aspects of the party. “Party’s Music”, “Food & Caterer”, “Guest List”, etc.
  3. NO CAPITALS. Period. Typing an email ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS IS TAKEN AS A RUDE COMMUNICATION. Don’t you feel like we are yelling to you? Additionally, doesn’t it make your message look less professional? Similarly, emails in bold, red, highlighted and with over use of exclamation points or question marks are considered equally rude. Did you know a woman in New Zealand was fired because of that?
  4. Colorful /animated email background are not appreciated. Unless you are sending an email marketing and it reflects your brand, please refrain from this. It’s not the 90’s anymore.
  5. Formatting is key. A 30 sentences paragraph is not email appealing. Use spaces, commas, bullets, numbers where needed.
  6. BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. When emailing a group of people you do not want their emails exposed to the rest of them; use the BCC field to add all the email addresses to be contacted. This also prevents infinite Reply Alls.
  7. Reply All when necessary. If you are emailing a group of people and you need to say something that might just interest one of them, simply select Reply not Reply All. You are gonna fill other people’s email accounts with unnecessary / irrelevant messages to them.
  8. Be aware of your tone. Remember that the recipient cannot hear you. Double read your email. Does a certain line sounds harsh? Could it be misinterpreted? Consider rewriting.
  9. Spell check. Nothing screams unprofessional more than typos and spelling errors throughout an email message. Be aware of this at all times.
  10. Email signature. Make sure you are including a proper email signature at the end of your communications. People want to know who you are, on behalf of who are you contacting
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    them, logo, website URL, social networks, etc. A good example for this would be:
    Marii Nieves
    Pink Studios
    [email protected]

What do you think? Are you making any of these mistakes? What are your email pet peeves?