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A LIKE Doesn't Guarantee A Post On Your Feed

Did you know…

Social media / Social Networks are all about “networking”. Shocking, huh?
Simply liking a Facebook page does not mean it will show in your News Feed. If you do not interact with that page Facebook thinks you are not interested so the page will not be shown in your News Feed.

You like pages for a reason, right?

Have you noticed how when you interact frequently with a specific page, you always see their posts on your Feed? However, at times you see a post from a page you didn’t even remember you had “Like” in the first place – that’s probably because you rarely interact with them.

If you interact with Facebook pages by liking new or old posts, commenting or sharing, Facebook will understand that the page has great value to you and will show you more of them and at the same time will show that page’s posts to a wider audience.

If you like a page, please interact with them with some likes, shares or comments.

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