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10+ Over-Used Fonts To Avoid

Often, we are asked to design logos for clients. Heck, that’s one of

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the things we love the most. I am obsessed with logos; I take pictures of them, I imagine them on my head, I pin them, I talk about them, I over-analyze them. You get the picture…

While some clients are completely open to our expertise and design suggestions when it comes to their logos, some have a strong idea of what they want. However, there are several aspects that need to be considered when designing logos: does it appeal to your target market?, good color options, size, contrast, fonts. Make it relevant, make it memorable.

Let’s talk about fonts. One of my biggest design pet-peeves is the implementation of over-used fonts for a brand. Often, clients feel that because their logo uses a specific font, everything needs to have that font. Have you seen entire websites with fancy typography? It’s hideous and extremely hard to read. Free tip for you right there. Keep that in mind.

Below we list some of the most over-used fonts out there.

  1. Mistral
  2. Comic Sans MS
  3. Curlz MT
  4. Kristen ITC
  5. Papyrus
  6. Bradley Hand ITC
  7. Courier
  8. Scriptina
  9. Brush Script
  10. Hobo Std
  11. Jokerman

Also, avoid at all costs using fonts from famous brands. No Coca-Cola, no Barbie, no Star Wars, no Spiderman.

Take a look at theses famous logos and how they’d look if they were made with some of these fonts: Comic SansPapyrusJokerman .

Recommendation? Try avoiding these at all costs. These will damage your brand, make you look rookie and unprofessional. Stand from the crowd! Give your logo the professionalism it deserves and make it memorable with the details.

Are you guilty of using any of these?