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How To Write A Perfect Blog Post

Wondering what does it take to write a perfect blog post?

The world changed irrevocably when the internet entered the homes of millions of people. Presently, the internet is the dominant source of news and media. Newspapers are struggling to stay afloat amidst the onslaught of blogs and social media. An ordinary Joe with a computer and a good idea can become an internet superstar with the right amount of luck and content. However, as “easy” as it sounds, there are literally millions of blogs to compete with for coveted internet traffic. The key is to write quality content in a manner that resonates with the masses. There are several tips and tricks that an aspiring blog superstar can utilize on their way to fame and fortune.

Know your audience

One of the easiest mistakes to make is to not know your audience. What is the motivation behind them visiting your blog? What information are they trying to find out? Gear your writing towards filling this void.

If your blog is targeting the younger generation and your topic is technology, they’ll most likely be familiar with social media trends. There is no need to talk about something your audience already knows. Discuss how technology is evolving beyond social media or what the next big thing will be.

Topic and title

Remember, a blogger writes to not only inform their readers but also entertain. It is important to brainstorm a variety of topics and outline your general thought process. This makes for a more cohesive reading experience.

While your topic can be generic, your title needs to captivate your audience. The title is the first thing your reader will notice.

If your title lacks pizzazz, it may turn off your audience to invest their time in reading the rest of the post.

Keep it short and sweet

When was the last time you read an entire article word for word? Most readers are busy and quickly want information available without rummaging through a novel’s worth of words to access it. This is why it’s important to organize your post that is accessible while maintaining focus.

At the end of the day an aspiring blogger needs to remember that the competition is stacked against them. The information you don’t provide another ambitious blogger will.

Finish strong

Just like any other piece of writing, a strong conclusion is needed. According to college paper writing experts at SolidEssay.com, a conclusion gives you the opportunity to summarize your main arguments or points. If you’re writing about cooking the cheeseburger of the century, the conclusion is the place to remind your audience to not forget the cheese and quickly reiterate the main components to an amazing cheeseburger.

Pictures are your friend

Images can be crucial components to any blog post. It helps keep the readers entertained and motivates them to finish reading the post. Don’t spam your post with random images, take the time to look for quality images and place them in aesthetically pleasing spots throughout the article. Remember to keep your images relevant to the topic as well. There is no reason to add images of cars to a post about alien life.

Finally, SEO!

After writing a high quality post that is focused, organized, and captivating, it is time to optimize for the premier search engine, Google. There is debate whether Google’s algorithm favors long or short posts and the exact number of keywords necessary in order to rank favorably. The key thing is to write high value content, add anchor texts, and promote your writing via social media. For those who are not familiar with the term anchor text, it is words that link to another page or website. There are many free resources that expand on SEO and how to further optimize your post.



Author bio: As an academic instructor, Jeffrey consults international students on how to write quality essays and research papers. He has recently been employed by SolidEssay.com, which provides academic writing help to high school and university students.