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There are thousands of smartphone apps available now. Like most people, you’ll find only a handful that you everyday. We’ve done the work researching the best apps for you. Try these apps out and discover that your life is more productive, organized and fun.

Things to Do – 2Do

To-do lists have come a long way from a list on a piece of paper. 2Do is an app that will help you organize more than just your lists of things to do. This app will let you sync your tasks to the cloud, use Siri to add tasks and reminders, and set up multiple tasks into projects. Create reminders that will alert you at different times depending on the urgency of the task.

If you’re juggling too many things in your personal and professional life, you can manage both in this app. Set up birthday and anniversary alerts as well as meeting and milestone alerts. You’ll have better visibility of your time so you can see where business and pleasure may conflict.

This app is available for $9.99 on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Mac OS and Android devices.

No More Unpaid Time – Office Time

If you need to track your time for billing purposes, Office Time will help you make sure you get paid for every hour you work, says Deena McKay in Professional Gal. This app lets you easily track your time and expenses for any task. You can export the data to Excel for analysis and reporting. Create projects and categories to sort your time. You can also use timers to automatically record time worked on a task. Set up multiple timers for different tasks on the same project. You can work online or offline. Keep better track of your time so you’re no longer working for free.

This app is available for $7.99 on iOS (iPhone and iPad). There is a software version of Office Time available for the PC and Mac which will sync up with the iPhone and iPad versions of the app.

The Quick Way to Track Your Finances – Mint

You’ve heard of Quicken, the finance management software that has been around for years. Quicken purchased an online personal finance manager called Mint which has an easy to use app to stay on top of all of your accounts. The home screen of this app gives you a summary of your account balances, and what bills are coming up. You can drill down into each account to see individual transactions. Never be stuck again wondering if your credit card has room to pay for lunch for you and your friends.

Mint is a free app available on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. The web version of is also free to use.

Relax, It’s Break Time –

The people at have created an app that let’s you see the best and funniest on their website. When you need a break from the daily work or school routine, relax and watch a app video for a laugh. See the latest Celebrity Photo Gallery, Pranks and Fails, movie Trailers and Clips, Sports Videos, and their Super Funny Videos. Don’t let work or school bring you down. Use this app to give you a lift and help you get through the day.

Break is a free app and available on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android devices and the Windows phone.

Your Personal Fashion Assistant – Style

Appstorm recommends this app if you are conscious about what you wear. And who isn’t? Style lets you import photos of your own clothes and mix and match them to create outfits. Design your own outfits and put them on the calendar so you’ll have an easier start for your day. This app was actually designed by a fashion industry insider who wanted an expert wardrobe organizer. Take advantage of this app to coordinate and create your own outfits like the professionals.

This app is currently available for $3.99 only on iOS (iPhone and iPad).

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