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Twenty percent of Americans have no Internet access in their homes, according to Face the Facts USA, and that means a fifth of your potential client base can’t see your witty status updates, search for your hashtags or jump on your Living Social deal. These people look to the mail for notice of sales and promotions—is your postcard going to be there, or are you going to forget about this block of potential customers?

Direct mail campaigns aren’t just about reaching the people who don’t have Internet access. They are also about reaching those who are skeptical of marketing emails or who don’t know you’ve just opened a new shop down the street. It may be a hashtag world, but direct mail still has its place in a healthy marketing plan.

Targeted Solutions

The U.S. Postal Service has delivered almost two billion pieces of mail through their Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program. Designed to reach customers based on their address, this program provides targeted marketing solutions for business owners with all sizes of enterprises, according to, and it is the most effective way to blanket an entire zip code with your ad.

If you don’t have experience with EDDM, find an online printing service that will produce your pieces, fill out the USPS paperwork and deliver your shipment to the post office.

A Personal Touch

For the best results, ensure that the mail you send out offers value to your potential clients. Include a coupon or promo offer, and if possible, make your messages look personal. A handwritten address or customized romance copy may be just what you need to catch someone’s eye. If you can’t personalize, make sure that you offer value through a coupon or a promo deal.


Remember direct mail should only be one piece of your marketing plan. Clients need to repeatedly hear

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about your brand over emergent media like social networking sites as well as over traditional media like radio or direct mail. The postcard is just the first step. Use your direct mail piece as a tool to invite customers to your social media page. Marketing Think reports that only nine out of 51 direct marketers are linking their social media and direct mail campaigns, and if you do, you’ll be ahead of most of the competition.

Online Integration

In addition to using a direct mail

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campaign to bolster the rolls of your social networking page, you can also tie your direct mail campaign to your online campaign in other ways. Pop a QR code on your card, and link your new clients to a demo video, an ordering form or any other part of your online campaign. If you think your clients will be reluctant about getting online, make it valuable for them with a coupon or a special offer.

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