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4 Podcasts Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen To

In this fast-paced environment that we are all currently living; finding time to watch TV, binge-watch the newest series on Netflix, or just read a book seems like a luxury. Our time is often so limited and compromised. However, we have found a way to maintain...
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How Busy Entrepreneurs Get Things Done

The life of the typical entrepreneur is incredibly hectic. Startup business owners tend to face a rockier road than others due to the tasks associated with launching a brand new enterprise. But the path doesn't become much smoother from there. In fact, a recent study...
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If You’re Personal, They Will Come To You: A Look at Personalized Marketing

People are bombarded with marketing from the moment they hop in their car for work to the time when they turn off their phone just before bed. All that noise can be off-putting to a potential customer. To stand out from that horde of advertising, harness the power of...
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5 Simple Tips When Developing Your Brand

These days, the word "branding" gets thrown around a lot. Everyone knows what it is: Branding is what makes Apple "Apple" instead of "shiny gadget producer," "Starbucks" instead of "premium coffee seller" and "Nike" instead of "sturdy running shoes." That being the...
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Daily Inspiration and Motivation

A curation of inspirational quotes to get you through your day. Have a quote that you would like us to include? Leave it in the comments section. 😉 "A strong woman, looks at challenge and gives it a wink." "There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to...
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“because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs

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