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Meet Alicia!

In the past year Pink Studios has grown in a way we never even dreamed of. Work is never ending; new clients, return clients, referrals… they all want to work with us and we feel so blessed for that.

Looking for a new way to reach out to our clients, friends

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and just everyone out there we decided to relaunch our blog. To do that,

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we needed fresh content so we took on the task of finding guest bloggers for Pink Studios through our social networks. We were surprise at the amount of people who contacted us.

Right away, this girl stood up. It is my pleasure to introduce to you our newest guest blogger: Alicia Nguyen

Let’s get to know Alicia…

• Lives in Idaho

• Graduated last year from college with a degree in English.

• Works at a local Marketing firm

• Has an inmense passion for writing and blogging

• Detailed oriented

I’m sure Alicia will bring some great content to all of us that will guide you on your small business journey.

Please take a minute time to leave a comment welcoming Alicia. Anything else you want to know about her? Ask away! Have any blog topic suggestions for us?

Getting Started with Pink Studios

Having your own website can be a little overwhelming at first. Our goal is to make this process as painless as possible. Below, we enumerate the primary steps in getting you online with our web services.


Once you know the type of website you need according to your business, you’ll need a domain name. A domain name is the address that allows others to find you on the internet. i.e.:

Domain names are paid yearly and usually cost about $10.

The most popular domain registrar (and our favorite as well) is It is inexpensive and easy to register and manage.

Did you know that PinkStudios can do this for you?


After you have decided and registered your domain name, you’ll need to find a hosting service. A hosting service is what allows your website to be available on the Internet. In simple, is where your web files will be stored and then pushed to your visitor’s web browser. PinkStudios offers hosting services, or you can also choose any of our approved carts/hosting companies.


The fun part begins now! Once you’ve got Steps 1 & 2 covered, the design process begins.

At this point, you’ll decide whether you wish to have a custom website built or choose between one of our premade templates. There are pros and cons between these two options.

Custom designs are made specially for you. You’ll be able to provide your input throughout the whole design process, making this design exactly what you were looking for.
When you choose a pre-made template, you’re purchasing a web template that was previously built and it is sold as is.
Custom website tend to be priced higher than pre-made templates, however you are guaranteed a unique design.
Pre-made templates are priced considerably less than custom templates. Our pre-made templates are sold multiple times which allows us to maintain a low price on them. However, this means that someone else in the Internet could have the same web template as you will. Our guarantee to you is that we never compromise quality in our pre-made designs.


Whether you decided on a custom

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or pre-made design for your website, now comes up the data entry aspect of it. All the text, content or products (in case it’s a shop) need to be input in the website. You can decide to do this on your own or have PinkStudios help you with it. Contact Us for more information.


Ready, Set, Go! At this point, your website is ready to go. The most important factor to a successful website is promote, promote, promote. Don’ forget to add your web address into every promotional item you give out: business cards, flyers, emails, etc.

For more information regarding how to promote your business online and get the best rankings, don’t forget to contact us.