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Let’s Flamingle [FREEBIE Wallpaper]

Born and raised in sunny Puerto Rico, I can surely tell you that it feels like summer all-year-long. However, there’s something about the actual summer, the beach, getting together with friends and most recently: sipping my favorite drink while on a flamingo floatie that makes me feel soooo good.

If you search Instagram for #flamingo – you’ll be prompted with 1.6M photos using that hashtag and 26,700+ photos with #flamingofloat – see a trend here?

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It wouldn’t be summer without a cute wallpaper to match your mood. It is safe to say that we all are loving the #flamingo trend and to help you dress up your technology, we designed a new free wallpaper: “Let’s Flamingle!” since you are loving our freebie wallpapers so much!

let's flamingle freebie wallpaper

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Be like a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown. [FREEBIE Wallpaper]

“Stand tall, wear a crown πŸ‘‘.” This has got to be my favorite quote I’ve recently read.

As you all know, we’re all about small businesses and empowering others by providing the right digital tools for these businesses to excel in their industry.

When we first decided to quit our “nine-to-five” and pursue our business 24/7; we were scared, but after a while we could not believe we hadn’t make this decision any sooner. Nowadays, every time we learn about new entrepreneurs following suit, we get extremely excited.

The most recent full time entrepreneur we know is Janette PΓ©rez from Belleza Tropical Company. For a while, she’s had her online boutique and has been an advocate of empowering women to success in their business and in life in general. Last month, Janette took the same chance we did and quit her nine-to-five to pursue her business full time. This decision made her go full force at a pace where we decided to also open a store for her online boutique. How amazing!

This week, is the opening of Belleza Tropical Clothing Lounge in Humacao, Puerto Rico and we are super excited to see everything that Janette has put together. We are sure that it will be an immediate success.

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Therefore, to celebrate the opening of Belleza Tropical, the soon ending of spring and beginning of summer, we have put together an amazing wallpaper for you guys: Be like a pineapple 🍍: Stand tall, wear a crown.
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4 Podcasts Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen To

4 Podcasts Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen To

In this fast-paced environment that we are all currently living; finding time to watch TV, binge-watch the newest series on Netflix, or just read a book seems like a luxury. Our time is often so limited and compromised. However, we have found a way to maintain ourselves entertained while we work, on car rides or even before going to sleep: podcasts. If you want to feel super inspired, motivated and learn more about other rock-star female entrepreneurs doing fantastic things, you need to start listening to these 4 Podcasts Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen To that we are about to share. We cannot enjoy these alone and wanted to share them with you.Please take a few minutes from your week to enjoy one or all of these. You’re welcome. πŸ˜‰


All Up In Your Lady Business

This is currently one of our favorite podcasts at the moment and a recent find for us that we cannot get enough of. They share their experiences as business owners and interview other rockstar females who are making it. As they once said on an episode: we’ll listen to “conversations with inspiring ladies who have designed a life they love by doing a like they love.” Their name, slogan, awesome content and bubbly personality episode after episode makes us love this one a lot. You can also join the Facebook Group here.

🎧 Listen to the All Up In Your Lady Business podcast here.
πŸ’»Visit their website


Being Boss

Being Boss is a podcast by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. Each episodes speaks about topics we are all, at some point, curious about when having our own businesses. From Leaving the Day Job, to Working from Home, Client Management, and Behaving Like a Boss! I mean, if these titles don’t float your boat I don’t know what will. Emily and Kathleen do a fantastic job sharing tips, advice and interviews that’ll help you be a boss at work and in your life.

🎧 Listen to the Being Boss podcast here.
πŸ’»Visit their website


She Means Business

She Means Business is a podcast hosted by Carrie Green, founder of The Female Entrepreneur Association and brings us short weekly episodes about turning your ideas into reality by having your own business and how to be successful at it. Some of our favorite episodes are: Building Your Dream Business while Living your Dream Life, From Extreme Burn out to the Business of Your Dreams, and Condition Yourself for Success.

🎧 Listen to the She Means Business podcast here.
πŸ’»Visit their website


She Did It Her Way

This is another fantastic weekly podcast hosted by Amanda Boleyn, that’ll most definitely inspire you if you are creating or running your own business. This podcast is packed with advice and stories to help you succeed in the business world. If you are considering subscribing to this podcast, check out some of our favorite episodes: Startup to Success, CEO with a Side of Chic, and Bringing Your Vision to Life.

🎧 Listen to the She Did It Her Way podcast here.
πŸ’»Visit their website


Do you listen to any other great podcast from females who are rocking the business world? Please do share with us in the comments section below. We’d love to enjoy them with you and add them to our list of 4 Podcasts Every Female Entrepreneur Should Listen To. 🎧


Instagram Grid: Why Should You Care

Instagram Grid: Why Should You Care

Blog post article? Check. Facebook post? Check. Schedule Tweets? Check. Pinterest pin? Check.Β  Instagram post? Check.
But, how much attention do you actually pay to your Instagram grid? Do you have a defined strategy?

Let’s deep-dive into this. If you are actually scratching your head with this term, let me tell you that you are not alone. A great amount of people have no idea what this means, although they interact with it several times per week.

Your Instagram grid accounts for the first 6 photos that appear on your Instagram profile. Fascinating, huh?

How often do you post on Instagram? Have you determined the type of content that goes into your Instagram account? Would you like to increase your following by double in a few months? – Well, I can’t really guarantee that; however i can assure you that a well-thought out Instagram grid could be beneficial.

Quick test: Without looking at your Instagram account, can you point out what’s currently on your grid? Type it now in the comments section below and come back here to continue reading… πŸ˜‰

All done? Alright.

So, you ask: “Why are you talking so much about the Instagram grid and why should I care?” Look at your Instagram grid as your business card, credentials presentation or your own outdoor billboard. It is people’s first impression about you and you need to make it spectacular!

With 500 million monthly active users and counting, Instagram users have proven their love and loyalty for this platform and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. With more and more users joining this platform per day, the competition gets tougher and tougher.


So let’s talk about how to improve your Instagram grid.

  1. Relax: being on top of all of your social media plus taking care of your business can be stressful at times; hire a professional if you are feeling like it is taking away from the real important things towards your success.
  2. Plan: social media is all about being spontaneous, however if you plan ahead your posts and content, you’ll have enough time to put together your graphics and make sure they are on point.
  3. Pick: pick a filter or color scheme and stick to it. There are various applications that you can use and will ease this process.
  4. Inspiration: with over 500 millions monthly users, we’re sure you can find inspiration on some other accounts. hey, we’re not telling you to go copy them, but finding inspiration sources is always a great start!

We’ve put together a quick list of some of our current favorite grids.

1. Lauren Conrad | 2. Grey Likes | 3. MoΓ«t Chandon | 4. Passion Planner | 5. Starbucks | 6. Nomadic Newlyweds | 7. Bash_Studio | 8. Teaspressa | 9. Chachamatcha

Digging the Instagram data? Want to know more about its growth and potential? Here’s some additional data that is always helpful to have around:


Know other Instagram accounts that are a great inspiration source? Feel free to comment below and we’ll check it out and include it.
Freebie: #girlboss wallpaper

Freebie: #girlboss wallpaper

If you are anything like me, i know you LOVE β™₯️ to switch up your phone’s wallpaper frequently. Ever so often i find myself looking motivational quotes and turning them into wallpapers to keep me pumped during the day – heck how often do you check your phone per day?For 2017, I decided to change things up a little and make my own wallpaper and share it with you guys. Therefore, February’s freebie will be #girlboss wallpaper. Closing 2016 made me realize how many #girlbosses and powerful / empowered women are around me. This is something that we need to cultivate and not criticize.

Grab it now!

So, if you want to update your phone’s look and feel for February, fill the form below and you’ll get instand access to the #girlboss wallpaper and please, pretty please, if you do use it; please tag us on Facebook, Twitter on Insta with your screenshot using the hashtag #psgirlboss. Would love love love to see it 😍  and if you like it, please share this post with other #girlbosses around you; would you? πŸ˜‰